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Muscle Building Tips

what you guys is you will shine strong today we’re going to talk about something really interesting ok so when it comes to building muscle or losing body fat we are so focused on hitting the gym as hard as possible getting the right diet in and of course getting are supplemented but in the grand scheme of things we are so our focus on those three factors that we look like a very important component so whether the boys to build muscle or to lose body fat than one thing that really needs to be focused upon is a good sleep okay trust me you guys you already a very noticeable difference in your overall performance in your help and in your vitality just about getting adequate dress that will sing that are you know you actually build muscle outside jim is so true of your menu in the gym you are in this catalytic state ok you’re breaking down you’re tearing down your muscle you are just having all those micro tears to your muscle fibers and repair those fibers you need to rest and recover and also to get your muscles bigger and stronger so having quality sleep is really paramount to repairing those puzzles now if you are trying to lose weight ok and and you are at a plateau to look at your sleeping patterns look if you’re getting a adequate sleep we all know that

when we sleep our bodies energy expenditure is drop-down and our leptin hormone is regulated and we also know that the leptin hormone is responsible for keeping us full ok they’re giving us a full feelings so you’ll notice that when you don’t get proper sleep you end up feeling hungry quite often ok so if you’re trying to lose weight and i’m not able to do so do fix your sleeping patterns building muscle and losing weight there are other numerous factors that we can really benefit from when we get that quantity ok such as government benefits like into memory and better attention span ok now i’m going to say to me that shine come on i can se but i’m dead i need to change my goals are you be awake already and chase those girls yes you might want to do that but always remember you guys even the little sweet that you get a few hours of sleep that you get can be of better quality just by doing small things like not staring at your mobile screen and your TV screen right before you sleep with just me when I see that because I hardly follow it but when i do or whatever I did I didn’t notice better improvement in my sleep anyways I really believe that are no matter how long I always Lee it’s what we do when we have a that really matters so hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to like and share i also remind me when you see me posting later tonight okay I always yo stay strong.

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