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In today’s video I’m going to illegally trespasson the 13th hole of a private golf course and tell you why I almost took anabolic steroids,why I stopped eating clean for an entire month and what I call the trifecta of muscle growth.

I’m going to share a trick with you at theend of this video, how you can literally force muscle growth into your training sessions.

Let’s dive right into it.

All right guys, so real talk from the 13thhole and I know I’ve fucked with you guys in the past, but this is a true story.

100 percent not lying, so pay very close attentionbecause I have a feeling that it’s going to mean something to you guys and it might besomething you guys have mentally gone through yourselves.

Last month, I’d say like starting five – sixweeks ago I was going through a really stressful time in my life where – nothing to do withthe channel or anything like that, but I had a business partner owed me thousands of dollars,kind of stressed out about that.

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I had a birthday little over a month ago andeverything in my life just felt so heavy.

I was like holy shit, I’m a year older.

I’m not happy with where I am.

I thought I would be so much farther in mylife.

I thought I’d be millionaire by now.

I just have these big goals that I set formyself, so a birthday is a milestone of you’re another year older and you kind of – at leastme, personally, I kind of line myself up with where I think I should be and where I am andit’s like I thought I would be here and I was kind of like right here.

Then my training took a major hit.

My training – I wasn’t even that motivatedto go to the gym.

There were days when I would go to the gym,literally 15 minutes I’d walk in and I’d walk out.

I just didn’t have it.

I felt like I had been training so hard forso long and I’ve just hit this plateau and I just didn’t really have the motivation totrain for a couple of weeks.

I got thinking, I was like I know for a factthe majority of the big fitness YouTubers are taking steroids.

I know what they’re doing.

I go to the fitness conventions.

I talk to people.

I know what’s going on on a lot of big fitnessYouTubers, a lot of big fitness models.

I thought to myself for the first time inmy life I’m actually going to take anabolic steroids.

I figure I’m the perfect candidate.

I’ve been training all natural for ten years.

I’ve pretty much reached like 90 to 90 percentof probably my genetic potential.

I’ve been doing the right thing for so long,if I just go on like a nice safe, first cycle I’m going to see really good results and hopefullyminimize the downside.

I start searching like online and I’m searchingall over the internet.

I’m doing my research.

And this stuff is really complicated guys.

Anyone who’s going to start taking anabolicsteroids, you have a lot of things to figure out.

A ton of research goes into this.

Not only like what you’re going to take yourfirst cycle, but how you’re going to get it and everything because it is a shady undergroundthing going on the dark web for the people who are taking anabolic steroids.

I did research for a very, very long time.

I knew how I was going to get it.

I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I knew what I was going to take on cycle,my PCT, everything.

So close to actually placing the order, whichI won’t even tell you how you do.

I’m on my computer one night and I’m on myiCloud storage.

I’m looking at all these pictures from liketrips I’ve taken over the past couple years and I find this album from when I was in Barbados.

In fact, if you look on the channel, a yearand a half to two years ago I shot these videos in Barbados.

I’m wearing like a shirt with a tiger on them.

I’m shredded.

I look like a fricking action figure not evengoing to lie in those videos.

Super lean, supper ripped.

I find all these pictures of myself at thebeach and I’m looking at them and I’m like, I like how that person looks.

I look super ripped.

I’m lean.

I look natural.

I don’t look like a bodybuilder, but I looklike an action figure, which is what I always wanted to look like just someone who’s superripped, someone who looks athletic, someone who’s muscular, but also looks like an athlete.

I don’t want to look like some big dumb bodybuilderwho can’t jump, who can’t run.

I’m looking at this picture from two yearsago and I’m like, I like how that person looks.

I look fucking good.

Then I thought to myself, taking steroidsisn’t going to really help me look better.

I was basically overreacting to a lot of thingsgoing in my life emotionally and I felt like my workouts – I was here and I kind of wentback to here and I thought that steroids were going to help me go get to right here.

I was thinking I like how that looks.

And I’m thinking two years have gone by, I’mstronger on every compound lift.

I’ve got five to seven more pounds of leanmuscle mass right now than I did back then.

If I cut down, if I straighten my diet out,straighten my training out for the next three months, I will look way better than even inthat picture and I will literally look precisely how a fitness model should look.

So I’m like – so here’s the thing that I’mgetting at.

How you feel emotionally in the short term,you cannot let that dictate your decisions in the long term because here’s the thing,I go on, I take anabolic steroids for eight to twelve weeks, accelerate my muscle growth,but then there’s a very good chance that for six to eight weeks after that, I stop takingthe cycle, my energy levels and natural testosterone levels are going to plummet.

I’m going to probably feel like shit for sixto eight weeks.

Then another thing I’m probably – I literallycould increase my chance of losing my hair.

I could have massive acne on my shouldersand my back.

Those are like the two dead giveaways thatsomeone’s taking anabolic steroids.

Me, I want to get back into acting.

I want to look really good just aesthetically,like my face and everything.

I don’t care about looking like a giant beastwho has 30 pounds more muscle mass on me with acne and like a receding hairline.

I was like it’s not even going to make melook better, so why the hell should I do it.

It’s kind of funny, I just literally stumbledon a picture and that’s what caused me to not place the order and now honestly my motivationis higher than it ever has been before.

I’m back to eating clean.

I’m back to running sprints.

And another thing too, I figured out, packingon five to seven pounds of body fat made me look a lot smaller and kind of fucked me upin the head because I thought that I actually lost muscle mass even though I really didn’tbecause my strength is still there.

Packing on body fat kind of fucked me up inthe head as well.

So for you guys, just stay with the course.

Go the all-natural route.

There are just so many negative side effectsthat go from cheating and it’s just a really vicious cycle.

Now enough of my story.

I want to share with you guys the trifectaof muscle growth that I’ve been doing recently that is going to literally force muscle growthinto your body.

So what you’re going to do is you’re goingto do three elements of this exercise in every single workout.

Say for instance you’re trying to bring upyour chest, what I want you to do is you want to go four to six repetitions eccentric overloadon a chest press like a compound movement.

Say you’re doing the bench press that meansyou’re going down to a count of three eccentric overload for three seconds and back up.

But I want you to go heavy eccentric overloadso something that you can only do four to six times at your max.

So go really heavy on eccentric overload oneither a major dumbbell or a major barbell press, so you want to have that element intoyour workout.

The other element I want you to have is lacticacid training.

I want you do to a shaper where you’re doing20 to 30 repetitions, so say you’re trying to bring up your chest; you do the eccentricoverload on the bench press.

I want you to do a shaper, so say we’re doingthe low cable fly, I want you to do really high rep, channel that mind muscle connection,get that deep burn and go 20 to 30 reps, just squeezing the shit out of the muscle the entiretime.

This is the hard core bodybuilding trainingthat’s going to actually help you pack on muscle right onto your chest.

And then the trifecta, the third element intoyour training, is right after you get done training, I want you to do isometric holds.

You can do it right after your training oryou can do it right after your sets.

But do isometric holds, so just flex and tense,like I feel the shit out of my chest right now just doing it and I haven’t even workedout today.

So do these isometric holds.

So to actually force muscle growth into aparticular muscle group, you’ve got to have the trifecta going, so heavy, eccentric overload,lactic acid, high repetition training with a shaper movement and then the isometric hold.

All right guys, so I’m on my way home fromfilming and got kicked out by the security guard at the golf course so let me know ifyou have any questions about the trifecta of muscle growth in the comments below.

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