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Broccoli Benefites

Broccoli Sprouts for Muscle Gain?? [crazy person sound] Everybody knows excess estrogen is the enemy of testosterone for men.

Estrogen is the female hormone to the male testosterone.

And testosterone is known as the muscle building hormone.

An overload of estrogen in guys creates all manner of nasty things like obesity, man boobs, extra fat, depression and even certain cancers and is a killer to anyone trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

Unfortunately in our modern world we are bombardedwith estrogens and synthetic estrogens.

In our food, in pesticides, in plastics, detergents,and many other things.

Now babies in China are getting breasts atage 8, Frogs and fish are becoming intersex due to the high levels of these estrogensin the environment.

Estrogen related cancers are off the scaleand we all know obesity is out of control.

Its almost impossible to avoid all estrogens in our world – in a future video I will give a list of the worst foods and toxins to watch out for but today we are looking at how to naturally break down those estrogens in the body into a more harmless state.


We all know veggies are good for us.

The problem is sometimes its impossible to eat enough to get the benefits.

For example broccoli has a substance called Sulforaphane which has been the subject of many studies and has been proven to have estrogenicregulation, detoxification and anti cancer properties.

The problem is to get enough sulforaphaneyou would have to eat 10-20 pounds a day of broccoli.

[big fart sound] But John Hopkins University discovered backin the 90’s that the good stuff is concentrated in extremely high amounts in the sprout ofthe broccoli seed.

This is just a freshly sprouted seed.

You can Google this stuff the studies areeverywhere from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

I cite some studies below.

For today I will just show you how easy itis to get this stuff into your daily routine to benefit from the anti cancer and anti estrogenproperties.

How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts: Buy broccoli sprouts.

Organic if you can.

You can buy them online or at most health food stores Soak about 2.

5 tbsp seeds for 8 hrs.

in coldwater.

change water in humid warm climatestransfer to sprouting jar.

Just a jar glass – you can get a sproutingjar, or just use some food grade netting or screening and a rubber band.

rince the seeds in cold water a few timesa day – more if you are in humid climates.

and in 3-4 days you have ready to eat sprouts.

I eat a handful every day and you get exactly the major benefits as noted in the studies and help you get estrogen out of your body The problem is these things taste a wee bit like the ass.

So what I do to mask the taste and get even more good stuff into your system like lycopene from tomatoes, is add salsa.

So just take a handful of sprouts and add salsa, mix it up and you have an antioxidants powerhouse that is great for you, just add a weight lifting program and and sprouts will help turn you back into a man.

{deep voice} Now just add some weights and a great diet and watch your muscles grow and your fat disappear! Subscribe if you want more out of the box body building information! tell you.

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