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whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and today we’re going over 5 easy weight loss tips for 2017 let’s get into it tip number one is having the right mindset and you know mindset is everything guys and if you want to change your body you got to change your mind and you know we’ve got our bootcamp members awesome weight loss results and the ones that got the best results really had their mindset right they said they want to do this they hired us and they said you know what there’s nothing stopping me and optimism is the way that this will all come together and so you really got to believe and you know having a great support team is also another part of that but having the right mindset it’s everything and you know listen I encourage you to not wait till next monday or you know a certain time to start losing weight start right now so tip number one was mindset good tip number two is tracking your input and your output and you know it’s human nature to underestimate how much food that we eat and overestimate how many calories were burning in our daily activity in our workouts and so tracking is really that’s where you’re going to see even if you change nothing just start tracking today track for one week straight and you know there’s a bunch apps out that you can use on your phone it’s not difficult it’s a little bit of candy but for sure but do it for a whole week track everything that goes in your mouth everything and put in your workout i would actually underestimate the workouts because again we usually kind of us may even those calculators can be a little bit off but this will give you an idea even if you change nothing it will make you more aware of what you’re taking in and what you’re burning so there’s like MyFitnessPal.

How To Loss Extra Weight

Lose it those are a couple of two good ones that we were demand for our client tip number three is daily movement and you know we do awesome hybrid high-intensity resistance training where we mix elements of cardio strength and core at the boot camp and you should seek out something like that a minimum twice a week up to as many times as six six days a week good to have a little rest day in there but even on days where you’re not doing those awesome workouts like we have on the channel for you guys if you’re new to the channel we have awesome fat burning workouts that we share with you every week and so go ahead and check out we got over a hundred videos now but so the point is even on days where you’re not doing these awesome workout even if you’re doing like let’s say perfect workout you’re doing great even on those days and days when you’re not doing it daily movement so walking it’s very low-impact and it’s something that you can do every day and you know 60 minutes of brisk walking is about 200 calories give or take depending on your size and that’s just a brisk walk and you can do that every day regardless of like I said whether you’re doing it also work out that day or not I like to at least do an hour day if not three or more hours of just brisk walking it’s really great so I know not allowed to have that time but an hour a day is very doable grab a buddy go outside if its cold bundle up if it’s nice out that’s obviously a lot easier to do but daily movement that’s tip number through and tip number four is align your workouts with your goals and let’s just get right into this.


Zumba is not an effective weight loss workout now it’s fun it’s great it can actually be part of your daily movement like instead of walking you could go for that our go to do but that’s also if you like it great go ahead and do that but that’s not going to be part of your awesome pepper and more scouts that you’re really cranking things up and burning a ton of calories it’s just not effective for that and you know if you like scuba hey that’s awesome but it shouldn’t be your number one priority for your workouts it’s great extra movement but it’s not it’s not really a workout and what about yoga yoga is awesome i personally don’t care for yoga but it’s a great movement practice and so you can go ahead and add that in that can be part of your daily movement but it’s not an awesome fat burning workout we’re going to be building lean muscle tissue and burning a ton of calories and I know there’s a lot of different kinds of yoga out there but either way it’s just not the same kind of burn as you’re going to be getting from no more higher intense heart-pumping resistance training workout and so align your workout with your goals that step number four and just a reminder guys were about to go into the number-5 final tip for today this is a two-part series and so we’re bringing you this live broadcast hope you’re enjoying it if you have any questions or comments post all that down below we will answer them and we love your feedback so i always feel free to chime in and there’s going to be others in the community that will also benefit from your comments or questions so let’s continue the conversation down there but this is a two-part series this is part one today and then tune in next week for part two we’re gonna give you five more tips but right now final tip tip number five is to hire a coach and you should seek out professional service and it’s like anything else if you want something done right that’s what you do and so if you’re in the danbury connecticut area go ahead to our website maxsbestbootcamp.

Com and we will contact you back and give you some more information on how we can get your results started today and if you’re not in the area that’s cool to go ahead and search you know your area for personal trainers that can help you at least get dialed in so you know exactly what you want to do so you have a plan to take action anyway guys thank you for tuning in those are five easy weight loss tips for 2017 it’s going to be a great year thank you again for tuning and be sure to smash the like button subscribe to the Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness channel share this video if you know somebody that will benefit from it too and have an awesome day!.

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