Top 10 bodybuilding Procedures.


Top 10 bodybuilding Procedures.


E bodybuilding that we have already tried, those we hear About or those called”wonder” methods, it becomes increasingly tough to discover the best suited to our capabilities or our expectations.

The Lafay method

The Lafay method is among the most popular and favorite Bodybuilding methods, particularly for beginners. Invented in 2004 by Olivier Lafay, this method is composed of exercises utilizing the weight of the body and therefore does not call for any weight training gear. Each year, the”Lafayens” (followers of the method) are increasingly more numerous and you will find among them several sportsmen from several disciplines (rugby, soccer, athletics, martial arts, extreme sports, etc). A clear achievement since the moves to memorize and reproduce are fundamental, there’s not any cost and you’re able to train outdoors or at home, simply by using your own furniture.

The Entire Body

The Entire Body is a method Which Allows you to operate your Entire body through a single session. This program is excellent for beginning bodybuilding or when there is very little time to dedicate to it. If we locate all the main bodybuilding movements (squats, deadlifts, developed…), parallel”superfluous” movements are eliminated here. By working with the complete Body method, you will obtain maximum muscle mass rapidly, effectively, while reducing the probability of injury. This method requires all of the muscle chains throughout a session and it is recommended to practice it 2 to 3 times every week, to rest the muscles. It may not be much, however, there’s a rationale: this game draws a lot of energy through intense sessions in which muscles aren’t spared.


Through the split (or split pattern ) lies the desire to Focus his training around certain body parts or muscle groups in particular. If you have a beginner to intermediate level, it is much better to work for exactly the same group at most two times weekly. The real advantage to split is the low danger of overtraining: the muscles being solicited in classes (never two weeks of sharpening exactly the same)they are going to have the time to recuperate as you work for different classes. Even if this procedure allows a good recovery, it must also be borne in mind the work done here will be intensive. By devoting an entire session to a set of muscles and thus isolating it, it is going to be possible to focus on all angles of this group and so to bring width and volume.

Shape Training

The Shape Training System is perfect when one wishes to Combine several approaches in a harmonious manner by applying an additional intensification, by the accumulation of contraction regimes for each series of exercises. Created by Louis Brennemann, a French sports coach living in Finland, this clinic has the primary feature that it does not impose any burden or repetition on practitioners since they are constraints. Thus, for each muscle group, the aim is to arrive at a state of high fatigue. Hence the accumulation of intensification procedures, especially by varying the regeneration regimes.

Ilosport offers more explanations around Shape Training here.

The Hiit

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a training Technique that alternates between high-intensity periods and active recovery phases. To put it differently, HIIT increases physical performance with short training times of up to a few minutes, excellent for all those who are short of time. This method is broken down into two distinct protocols: the Tabata method that involves improving both your aerobic and anaerobic pathways. It will first be necessary to decide on a workout that solicits the cardiorespiratory apparatus than to use it in a precise way. The other protocol is that the Little system of working with 60 minutes followed by 75 seconds rest, repeated 8 or 12 times.


The Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) is a practice technique That includes using two straps, easily transportable. It was Randy Hetrick, a former commander in the Navy Seal, who made it in 2003 in order to maintain his group physically fit where they’re. A very practical method for people who are often on the go, the straps may hang almost everywhere. Exercises promote immunity work using the weight of their body. According to a lively and proprioception working principle, the TRX enhances functional strength and helps strengthen long and deep muscles. The benefit of using the TRX is that it allows you to work all parts of the body with infinite exercises at a minimum of space and time.

The Calisthenics.

Commonly known as Street Workout. His concept is to do bodybuilding using the weight of the human body. This strength of the roads can be likened to fitness regarding some of his figures but it should not be misunderstood: it greatly promotes muscle gain and strength. Really, this coaching develops and builds a powerful musculature because of a better understanding and especially the control of his body. The calisthenics will bring a muscular development in proportions organic and particularly harmonious. This training is of the identical type as the complete body: all the muscles of the human body will work, unlike the work of insulation proposed by the traditional bodybuilding.

Westside 4 Skinny Bastard

Under this sweet name is located a bodybuilding method directly Inspired by Louie Simmons Westside. However, the latter, largely aimed at”powerlifts” and composed of exercises too hard for new insiders was adapted by Joe DeFranco. So was born the Westside for Skinny Bastard. Overall the work is going to be dispersed day after day in a next manner: Monday upper body maximum strength, Tuesday reduced body dynamic attempts, rest on Wednesday, Thursday strength lifting upper body, Friday maximum intensity reduced body and the weekend break. Thanks to this training, the muscular mass will likely be strong, strong and very visible over a short time period.

The Crossfit and its WOD

Produced in the United States, Crossfit is a practice method That combines aerobic exercises, gymnastics, weightlifting and athletics. Practitioners will have the ability to develop endurance, strength, muscle mass and flexibility. With sessions of 35 to 40 minutes such as warm-ups and stretches, these WODs are short and therefore intense.


By Michol Dalcourt, coach of a Canadian hockey team is made up of using all the And of variable weight. A true Swiss muscle building knife, its creator was Directly motivated by the moves made by Canadian lumberjacks. Concretely, This tool will allow operating your system as a whole by doing simple exercises Around the manipulation of Viper, so that the muscles operate with each other. Multi-directional training while rhythm, it combines as well bodybuilding Strictly speaking as movement and functionality of the human body.


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