Tonify with our muscle building exercises.

muscle building

Tonify with All Our muscle building exercises.

muscle building
Abs, thighs, glutes… For complete and optimum training, impossible to ignore the muscle building exercises. These motions are simple and effective for quick results. Between every series, we could pause from 30 seconds to 1 minute in the beginning, but as soon as we feel comfortable, we recognize them without even pausing for more efficiency. Depending upon the length of the session, you can adjust the number of string performed for each exercise. INCREASE PROGRESSIVELY INTENSITY To inspire ourselves, we do not hesitate to do them in songs or with a loved one, if it is possible. If you are sedentary and haven’t been in a game for years, you can begin with only 1 run each session. The moment we grasp them, we increase the amount of string and we go quicker.


tone the stomach belt in thickness.Lying on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the ground and spread out from the width of the anus, stretch out your arms and place your hands on your thighs. Lower the chin slightly to stretch the neck. Inhale slowly through your nose whilst tucking your stomach slightly. Exhale through the mouth tightly contracting the abdominals and slowly wrap the head and then the top back until the shoulder blades lift off the floor. Inhale through the nose without releasing the stomach thoroughly. On an exhalation, slowly lower the upper back, then the mind till it returns to the first position. Restart. The ideal frequency: 10 repeats. The coach’s advice: To lower the upper back and head, use the abs by controlling the movement.


strengthen the pecs, shoulders, and arms On all fours, knees and hands in the axis of the shoulders and hips, back one leg, then the other and keep on the hands and feet. Lay your knees on the floor and cross your toes. Spread hands a little more than shoulder width, keeping arms but elbows unlocked. The trunk is straight and the mind in the expansion of the backbone, the gaze directed into the floor. Then bend your arms till the nose and chest (chest and abdomen) graze the floor. On an exhalation, deepen the abdominal contraction and stretch your arms out. Repeat with the next inspiration. The right frequency: 10 repetitions. The trainer’s advice: Keep your back straight during the exo. If it’s too hard, take support on a desk or against a wall.


strengthen the thighs and glutes by enhancing the balance. Standing back straight and toes aside from the diameter of the anus, the arms are across the entire body. Retreat your right leg with a big measure, then rest on the tip of your right foot. At precisely the exact same time, lift your arms straight into your shoulders. Before the right knee touches the ground, exhale and rise by pressing hard on the heel. Simultaneously, bring back the arms along the body. Restart. The ideal frequency: 5 repetitions per leg. The trainer’s advice: Contract the abs and keep your back straight and still during the exo. Attempt to”tighten” a bit more belly every time out.


Squats are ideal for working on the thighs, glutes, and abs. Position, back straight, legs slightly apart and tiptoe external, arms are along the entire body. Inspire by telephoning the abs and flexing the knees by shoving the buttocks back (like sitting) until the thighs are parallel to the ground. At the exact same time, lift your arms straight into your shoulders. The back stays straight and tilts slightly forwards. The weight of the body is on the heels. Exhale while increasing the bust and keeping the belly contracted. Simultaneously, bring the arms back across the body into the first position. Restart. The ideal frequency: 10 repeats. The help of the coach: During the descent, the knees must not exceed the tip of the feet.


To fortify the lap strap and lumbar belt Back 1 leg and then the other and take support on the toes. The contract the belly and buttocks really hard while keeping the static position (without moving). The buttocks are neither too high nor too low and the entire body must form a direct line: ears, shoulders, pelvis, and knees are all aligned.

The ideal frequency: Perform 3 sets of 30 minutes without moving, respecting a retrieval period of 30 minutes between each collection.
The help of the trainer: for a simpler version, require support on the knees, feet on the floor, the abdominal strap obtained. When it’s too difficult, start with 10 minutes, then 20…


To tone the shoulders and arms.

Standing, back straight, feet apart from the width of the shoulders, the knees have been unlocked. The pelvis is a bit more retroverted (pubis forward).
Take a dumbbell in each hand and place it at the level of the clavicles, hands ahead. The elbows are near the body.
Inhale and extend your arms.

The right frequency: 10 repetitions.
The coach’s advice: The spine is straight and the abs stay contracted. Otherwise, take action in a sitting position (feet on the ground, legs in right angle), lower back pressed to the back.


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