The Warrior yoga detonates with its”cardio”.


In the lively yoga family, the Warrior yoga detonates with its”cardio”.


which rivals the Zen side. The approach is excellent for optimizing, removing toxins and exceeding itself, says its creator, Aria Crescendo. Discovery and assembly.

In the heart of the excitement of this Body Fitness Show, the island of serenity of the Zen Space drains a mass of inquisitive. In front of the spectators of the body and mind actions, about twenty privileged ones, yoginis and beginners, listen attentively to the guidance of Aria Crescendo before starting their initiation to the Warrior yoga. “The most significant thing in yoga is breathingUjjayi,” says the dazzling yoga instructor in her peppy voice as a debut. The first notes of indie electro music resonate in the little space and Aria requires her pupils in her flow. The lively sequence is surprising in its own rhythm and bearings: along with this Salutation au soleil, there are status yoga postures, inverted or sitting. To those tempted to throw in the towel on some arduous postures, a daring strand for novices since accounts on the mind, Aria offers options and invites to try and get out of his comfort zone. “We can not do anything if we do not attempt,” maintains the coach to inspire his troops. She goes in the positions, corrects and comes to assist the most adventuresome asana (postures) unexplored.

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The Warrior Yoga mixes distinct influences, such as the atypical and multi-faceted path of Aria Crescendo. Dancer Crazy Horse training, it’s in Las Vegas that Aria is enthusiastic about yoga. After being trained in Power Yoga, a type of modern yoga, her journey led her to become an official yoga coach in Star Academy. She also gives private lessons to stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Jared Leto or the model Karlie Kloss.

The”master yoga” popular with 81,000 readers on Instagram seduced with its method that violates the codes of traditional yoga. The Warrior yoga, which she develops in Los Angeles along with her sidekick Gus Forristal, is a very punchy yoga blend that hastens and facilitates the removal of toxins during fluid movement and breathing. It is also”a meditation in movement” which aims the anchoring, makes work balance, flexibility, nevertheless specifies the site of his studio healthful Warriors, Boulogne Billancourt (92). “At Warrior Yoga, we’ve got the aerobic which makes you sweat, you have meditation, the work of breathing and also the strengthening of the spine,” explains Aria in the end of her session in the Salon Body Fitness. Both a zen side and a side because we elegant and we work the gut,”she says.

“We fix far more than at the vinyasa, just like in yoga iyengar, we listen to the placement of the human body, the postures”, develops the yoga teacher. This style of yoga invites us to”go beyond our limitations and also leave our comfort zone, even in the soul of life coaching”, adds the creator.

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If the appellation can frighten the most timid, everybody can attempt at his degree. “I recommend this yoga for everyone, anybody who would like to progress, who wants to change their own body or even alter their lifestyle by learning how to get rid of their anxieties,” states Aria Crescendo, anxious to break the mental barriers that some individuals are putting up to yoga.

Flexibility can also be part of these false beliefs that could soften the endings of novices. “It’s a favorite idea to feel that you have to be flexible to do yoga, flexibility is functioning and it is rather through yoga which we may become more flexible”, demystifies the coach. The yoga instructor advocates making yoga a daily regimen. His favourite ritual? There is one that she particularly likes: inverted postures. “Every dayI put my head upside down, and as soon as you’re feeling stressed, I advise you to set your head upside down, it brings you fresh blood in the neurons and relaxes you directly”.


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