I Analyzed acro yoga, the yoga of trust Throughout the 6th Yoga Festival.

macro yoga

I Analyzed acro yoga, the yoga of trust Throughout the 6th Yoga Festival.

macro yoga

Throughout the 6th Val d’Isère Yoga Festival, which took place From April 27 to 29, 2018, I had the chance to test and find several kinds of yoga. I tell you that my superb experience.

I arrive at the door of the classroom and remove my sneakers That I leave among a dozen other pairs before entering. In the room, exudes a serene and relaxing setting, it disturbs me. Julien, the teacher is relaxing and smiling. The course starts. We’re a dozen girls of all ages. Julien asks us to deliver our carpets nearer, to sit back and also to create a circle so that every knee rolls that of the neighbor. Then, after everyone has introduced themselves to the team, he explains what acro yoga is and how we’ll practice it during this two-hour workshop. Afterward, he asks us to put our hands on the shoulders of our neighbors and massage them a few minutes. I am”average” at simplicity to feel that the skin of unknowns under my fingers but I take this practice as a challenge and it helps me to remain relaxed. And then, I opted to be there and knew that this activity entails touching another. These very first bodily connections quickly create intimacy from the group at a benevolent atmosphere.

We spend a moment performing yoga positions involving Extending, sheathing, balance and strength work. First alone, then in pairs and changing partners at each exercise in the petition of Julien… I start to get used to”the other” to his physical and mental presence, me the loner who appreciates so much of to have the ability to isolate myself (if just spiritually) during certain yoga classes. Following this warm-up all collectively, the group is united, a climate of confidence is set up and we could finally start the acrobatics.

Especially when we start. Each his function: the carrier (or”foundation”), the flyer (or”flyer”) and the spotter (or”spotter”) will operate together then each will take the place of the other when the posture finished. This expansion makes it possible to gain from the work and the advantages of each function.

wearer. Risk taking, confidence, devotion and let go for the outfielder. Psychotherapy, adaptation, full presence and sympathy for the adorer. I begin by performing the carrier after the signs of Julien. Lying on my back, abs sheathed, legs bent and thighs on the belly, my spouse (the voltigeuse) just drop her buttocks on the bottoms of my feet while the dancer is placed next to her to assist and catch up in case of fall. Afterward, the voltages tilt forward to put his hands on mine. We look at each other, I ask her if it’s okay, she tells me so, and turns the question over to me personally. I inform him that everything is nice and I extend my legs and arms. Like me, my spouse has been practicing yoga for many years and is quite comfortable. Julien then asks him to spread his legs a bit then, to flex the bust ahead before letting go of my palms. Confident, she runs while I remain focused on my alignment and contraction of my leg muscles. I believe she surrenders, she lets go and says she could stay in this place all of her life! That’s it, we realized that our initial acro yoga posture!

I”steal” in some postures!
beginners. The faces are relaxed, eyes full of joy and wide smiles are on everybody’s lips. Some express their pride and surprise in having managed to expect, to depart themselves, to flavor this airy sensation… The class took place in a climate of confidence, benevolence, and sharing and ends in happiness. After the participants left, I request Julien if we could do some pictures. And what a fantastic idea I had since it requires the opportunity to make me perform some postures a tiny pro and even message me with his hands and feet while I allow myself to carry. I manage to completely let go and take full advantage of this precious moment.

An activity to surpass oneself

I adored this action That Actually gets you from your Comfort zone both physically and morally. Due to surpass myself physically, I know how to take action: to boost the duration of a practice, its intensity, to establish new sports intentions… ok! But to succeed in touching a stranger, to trust him to leave himself on his feet or his hands without stress, it’s also a means to transcend oneself and it is not too obvious as that. Finally, the acroyoga is a true booster to increase confidence in each other and in itself and most of us want it!


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